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System Monitoring


porttest is a TWSoft developed utility, that we use for checking the connectivity of TCP ports.

Traditionally network managers would use the port functionality of telnet to ensure that there was end to end connectivity for specific services. If telnet is unable to connect it takes 75 seconds for a timeout to connect.

This timeout may be acceptable for interactive use as the network tester can abort the telnet command, unfortunately scripts cannot. This is why we developed porttest

TWSoft are great believers in the use of freeware, and are therefore making available this utility. There are 3 arguments to the porttest utility :-

  1. The address of the target server. Either IP address or DNS entry.
  2. The port number of the target service. e.g. 25 for smtp, 110 for pop3 etc.
  3. Optional timeout in seconds, valid range is 1-75

Use this utility in your scripts by testing the return value. 0 = OK, otherwise the standard socket error code will be returned. See the socket man page for further details

Solaris binary
Linux binary