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System Management

TWSoft can provide remote systems management of Windows NT/2000 servers, Sun Solaris, Linux and VAX VMS Servers.

We are skilled in the performance tunning of all the above, together with the popular scripting languages such as sh, awk, perl, vms command procedures etc.

TWSoft recommend your servers are armoured and any unnecessary services disabled.

Where TWSoft manage a server, we fully document the procedures necessary for user management, data management, system build and recovery etc. Our remote connections are made to your network using VPN technology to ensure the connection is both from TWSoft and encrypted in such a manner to ensure network snoopers cannot read your data.

We utilise remote tools such as RDP, PC anywhere and VNC for NT/2000 Clients, Where we only require a command line interface we use ssh . We know the risk you are taking permitting a third party onto your network and we do not wish to compromise both your and our networks by acting in an irresponsible manner.