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Firewall Solutions

TWSoft network engineers are trained in the specification, installation and support of Checkpoint Firewall-1, netscreen appliances and the Smoothwall express firewall

We have experience in providing Firewall-1 services on Sun Solaris, Nokia, Linux and NT platforms

We can configure resilient firewall architectures on the Nokia platform by utilising the Checkpoint state syncronisation feature in conjunction with the VRRP protocols to create a very robust cost effective architecture, without the need for products such as Stonebeat.

We are additionaly experienced in the configuration of VPNS using both IPSEC and IKE functionality, between all the above products.

TWSoft have successfully extended the core functionality of the Smoothwall to provide true support for multiple servers within a smoothwall DMZ.

As well as high end firewall products, TWSoft have implented low cost hardware firewall from Netgear and Billion. These SOHO firewall routers enable our clients to build cost effective secure VPN solutions between their corporate networks and key personnel's home. These VPNs impliment 3DES and AES encryption standards to ensurte maximum privacy from evesdroppers